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We survived Thanksgiving! Seriously. this is the first year in I don't even know how long that no one has been sick. Everyone ate, enjoyed and looked decidedly full and content afterward. Other than the cats milling around and being a huge pain in my ass, it was a pretty good day. The kids were all pleasant, there was a minimum of the usual fighting and "Mom, he/she did THIS" (which is usually said in either a whine or a high pitched shriek that could possibly shatter your glassware and all your nerves at one time). I think it's the Christmas is coming vibe that's humming around here that has everyone in a relatively calm state. Unless it's the Prozac I keep slipping into the cocoa? Huh. Could be that, too I guess... Either way.

Today is the big decoration, tree decorating day at Casa Diva. The Christmas tunes will be blaring (yes, yes, including my favorite Christmas album of all time, Merry Merry Christmas, by... you guessed it, NKOTB), there will be enough marshmallows and cocoa to give everyone a suitable chocolate buzz, and all will (hopefully) be peaceful and fun. If not, there's always more Prozac, yes?

I'm excited because this will be Taylor's first major Christmas season. Last year, she was too little to notice, let alone enjoy, the holidays. This year, I think it will fascinate her. the lights, the sparkly tinsel, the tree with all the shiny ornaments she will be itching to get her greedy little hands on.... and then will come the baking. She will definitely enjoy all the yummy goodness of the food side of it too. Because I'm a baking, making fool. I bake cookies, I make candy, I have cakes, pies, cupcakes, brownies... it goes on and on. and every year, I try to add something new. Th e list keeps growing, but we all enjoy it.

What I want to do this year is make pizzelles. I need a pizzelle iron, which I probably will have to get online, but I remember these from all the my earlier Christmases, and I've finally started missing them. My mom made them for quite a few years at Christmas, and it's never been something I really thought about, till now. Pizzelles will be something unique to our family, I think, and something not everyone makes... at least, in this neck of the woods. I think they'd be a fun addition. That and they really are simple to make, almost like waffles. They take next to no time at all, and they're not only yummy, they are so prertty! They have the cutest designs on pizzelle irons, and the finished cookies, sprinkled with powdered sugar? Look like snowflakes. Gorgeous.

I hope you guys all had a great day yesterday, and enjoyed your traditions, be they new, old, or slightly adjusted. And to any of you out on Black Friday shopping? I tip my coffee cup at you- you got way bigger cajones than me, my friend! I have absolutely no patience shopping on regular days- shopping today would probably be dangerous for the person who would either

1. block the aisle by having an hour long chat with their Great Aunt Bertha.

2. Ram into me with their cart, because they don't watch where the hell they're going.

Or 3. Cut in front of me to either grab something off the shelf, or get ahead of me at the check out.

Seriously. Ask J. He hates shopping with me, because I'm so not polite. I am at first, but if i say excuse me more than once? Screw you, buddy, I'm moving you or moving myself around your inconsiderate ass. So me on Black Friday? Tucked safely at home with cocoa and Christmas music. Think of it as my contribution to public safety. Cause I'm generous that way...

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