School's (Almost) Out For Summer!

Alyssa announced somewhat gleefully to me the other day that there are around 11-12 school days left until they are out for the summer. I'm already in summer mode, so I'm ready. We're going to be busy, that's my goal. We're going to have many adventures, this summer, and crash out at night happy about the day and excited for the next. We're going to get sunburnt and tan, drink Kool-Aid and eat cold fruit salads and sandwiches. We're all going to run barefoot and just enjoy every moment of it. I LOVE summer. Until August. By then we're all too hot, too tired, and ready to get back to school. But until then, it's party time!

I have a couple recipes up at my other blog. I'm having fun with it, looking through old recipes, finding new ones, tweaking things. I may head into more summer friendly recipes, but right now I'm adding some of the favorites and regulars here at our house. Keep a lookout, you may find something you like!

The IEP meeting for Jake's next school year was yesterday, and I feel better about things than I did. He has been placed in the first grade, and the over all goal for the school year is permanent placement in a "regular" classroom for second grade. His teachers and therapists seem on the same page as I am, and really, that's all that matters to me. That we are his team, working toward the same goals. I don't want to feel as if I'm the enemy because I want what is best for my child. But, I'll play that role if I absolutely have to, know what I'm sayin? Either way- I'm confident and content with it. And plan on trying NOT to worry about it over the summer!

What are your summer plans? I have a couple things up my sleeve.... do you?

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we_be_toys said...

Glad the stuff with school is working out - it's such a releif to have teachers who are on the same page with you, isn't it?

I'm SO ready for summer vacation, though not that ready for the heat, which is already gearing up down here.

We're going up to PA for a week in June, which hopefully, will be a last blast of cool weather before we hunker down to the mid-90s schmaltz we get around here.

"No sin greater than central air!"
- Jason Lee, "Dogma"