I Was Gone For a Minute....

Hey there Internet! Long time no see, right? Life has taken over here at Casa Diva, and by the time I can sit down to blog, it's usually close to midnight, and I'm too tired to think of anything to say. Or make sense of what I could say.

We're covered in snow right now, with more coming down. The kids return to school was short lived- they've had two snow days already with more on the way, I'm assuming. Jake caught a bug that had him soaking in a temp bath at midnight Thursday night, with me coaxing Tylenol and cold drink into him to get his temperature down from 103. That always scares me, when they have high fevers like that. for the most part, they don't. We're lucky that way; we barely ever see much higher than an occasional 101. But I'm paranoid when any of them get sick- Lyss has a not so happy history with tonsillitis, and Jake with upper respiratory infections, and pneumonia.

She had strep-tonsillitis frequently throughout preschool, kindergarten and first grade, and man that is miserable stuff. Antibiotics, steroids (the right side of her throat and neck would swell like she had swallowed a baseball), and a kid so miserable and in pain that getting a drink in her was like torturing her. The last time she had it, she lay on the couch and just sobbed. It was the most awful thing.

He's had pneumonia twice.. and I watch them all like hawks when they get the hint of a sniffle. I've relaxed enough now that a sore throat for her doesn't have me mentally preparing for a midnight trip to the ER, and a head cold for him doesn't have me plotting a strategy to force him to take his antibiotics. But I watch. They usually hate me when they're sick; I'm at them all the time with drinks, Popsicles, and anything I can think of to keep them hydrated.

The snow has made things insane, though. The grocery store is constantly restocking, people are everywhere (you know, you need seven hundred rolls of toilet paper and all the milk you can shove into your cart, just in case... not to mention every single scented candle in Walmart....) We've had ice, then rain, then a "wintry mix"- all of which froze under the first thin layer of snow. Then melted a little during the day... and then froze again during the night. Repeat as necessary for days, and there you have it. Now the snow is pouring down, and I'm sensing either early dismissal or this being a one day back to school before a day or more off again.

Snow days right after a two week vacation? Makes kids cranky. And sick of being in the house. And with each other. And unable to speak without a whine in their voice, or a shriek when telling you, again, that their sibling has, again, looked at/touched/spoken to/walked past/sat next to/breathed on/smiled at/insert any and every single complaint humanly possible that will make one want to scream and yank their hair out here. And me? I'm all, "if you tell me one more thing? I'm going to pay him/her to look at you. For hours."

So.... yeah. By the time Iget five minutes to breath, I want to do it in a hot bathtub, or curled in a comfy chair with a blanket and a book. Or shaking and rocking in a corner, praying for Spring and no more snow days..... But, ya know, whatever.....

What's the weather like in your neck of the woods?

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we_be_toys said...

I gotta envy your snow, though maybe not the snow-bound yard apes. Mine are wild enough just being near each other for a weekend!
We had 5 inches of snow last week, so I think Spring is just around the corner. It beats 95 degrees and high humidity though...!