NYE Baby!

It's the last day of 2008 (duh). Resolutions anyone? And don't tell me you want to lose weight, stop smoking, eat better.... give me something besides those every year, broken after a couple weeks resolutions. I'm guilty of breaking some of those myself, as well as the cutting back on caffeine, junk food, etc. I've learned resolutions, much like rules, are made to be broken... or at least accidentally.

My resolutions? Since this last year has been one of the best I've had in a long time, and I think I've some out on the better side of things, emotionally, I'm going to stick with that. And keep moving forward. So, for 2009, it's all about laughing more, worrying less, and going with the flow. I'm going to take more pictures, go more places with my kids, and keep on this path I've started on. It's a good one, a healthy one, one I walked around and ignored for a really long time. It was like flipping a switch, though. Once the light was on, I couldn't turn it off. And now... now it's like it was always on.

That's not to say I'm Mary Sunshine, ok? I'm just more in the middle. The glass is half full. It really is, because even if it's half empty... it's equally full. Ya know? Perspective. And there are still plenty of days that are shitty, plenty of moments where I cry the ugly cry (every woman has an ugly cry, and if you've never seen one, consider yourself luckier than most people), when I scream and cuss and want to kick someone's ass. But I've learned those are moments that pass just like everything else. and hey, if you're mad as hell, you're feeling something, right? It takes passion to be that pissed off. It's when you can't find that passion anymore that there's a real problem.

Anyway. It's time to start a new year. I love it, the freshness of it, the "new beginning" vibe- kinda like that new car smell. Heh. It's a clean slate- 365 blank pages to fill however you choose. fill 'em with memories you'll enjoy looking back on. Seriously- get up every day with the intention of it being the best... it's all in the attitude, right? Right.

So, have a fantastic New Year's Eve, however you spend it. Be safe, whatever you do, wherever you go. Here's to the end of a wild ride.. and the beginning of the next!

And, seriously- did you think I'd slide out of 08 without it? Happy B-day, cutie pie. See ya next year!


The Rambling Housewife said...

I like your resolutions! I never stick to mine (Who does, really??) So I need to make simple ones like you . . .:)

Chrisy said...

...stumbled into ur blog...yes agree...keep it simple and keep doin what works....relax...enjoy...go with the flow....thanks for sharin...

Whiney Momma said...

resolutions for me...try to have less gas. Nah. I really don't know. I break rules all the time. I guess my resolution is to be less angry.

Anyway, hope thing year brings you many good things...I agree getting out and making a better attitude for yourself everyday. Unfortunately, the things we think come naturally, sometimes take work.

Katie said...

I'll try and just be good mom considering I'm expecting my first in a few weeks. I always say my resolution is to not forget my family's birthday but that never works out. That and be organized. My ADD doesn't allow it. :)