Dear Internet

I am not dead. I've skipped a couple days here and there in my NaBloPoMo. It isn't you, Internet, it's me. It's a zany little thing called life and its love of throwing curve balls at my congested head. It's sleep deprivation due to sick child. It's never ending piles of laundry and dishes. It's opening Word and tentatively tapping a few sentences, then a paragraph, then another... and feeling a little of that old friend, Creativity, finding his way back home. It's a number of things, Internet... but it's not you. :)

That said- there's a lot I could write about lately that I just haven't found time, or words, for. Not a lot surprises me these days, but sometimes I guess I surprise myself- in good ways. Sometimes there are things that seem so hard, like they are impossible to get over- like a mountain of emotion, I guess. and then suddenly, when you aren't paying attention, you realize- you've made it. Quietly, unnoticed, you've found the other side. And I'll tell you what- that feels pretty damn good. Bring it on Life- I've done what I thought impossible. I've conquered something huge. What's next?

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