Oh The Weather Outside is Frightful...

We've started snowy season here in Small Town Ohio. There was a little white on the ground yesterday morning, but it melted by afternoon. Last night, it snowed off and on throughout the evening-night, and man did it look impressive at times. Wind whipping, flakes flying. This morning it's icy and snowy... and the kids have school. On time, no delays. That's weird, because usually, they get the two hour delay deal with less weather issue than this. J drives them, and he saw an accident on the way to drop Jake, and saw someone almost spin out on the way back. Beautiful weather.

I was talking to my friend last night about how funny it is, the way your feelings for things change as you get older. when we were kids, we were all about the snow day. No school, playing outside until we were half frozen, coming in to hot chocolate or hot tea. Sometimes, it was apple cider with a cinnamon stick. We lived for those days- what was better than a free day to run wild or hang out with your friends all day long? And if those snow days happened on a Monday or Friday- a long weekend? Sweet!

Now that we're the adults, it's a little different. How bad will it get? Do we have everything we need in case it does get bad? Flashlights, batteries, etc., in case the power goes... and oh my God how long will they be out of school? LOL And those are valid concerns considering the last few winters I've wondered when Ohio became New England. 2 years ago (I think it was 2) they were out of school for around three weeks. Yeah. and the snow we've had hasn't even been the fun kind- it's so cold that it ends up crunchy and liable to cut your damn hands off. Snowballs? Sure, if you want to give someone a concussion. (Hmm... )

I'm not ready for the snow just yet. It seems like fall went too fast- we had a pretty mild summer, and then fall stopped in for a minute, if that. It was pretty warm up until the beginning of this month- a few cool/cold days scattered in, but winter has appeared with a bang now. Yippee. Do you feel my joy? LOL

So there is a nice fluff post about the weather. As usual (does it ever end??) there's a lot going on in my head, but nothing I seem able to put into (the right) words for a post, or even a conversation right now. So, it's weather. For the moment. Like everything else, it seems. For the moment.


The Woman said...

great post I agree

Huckdoll said...

I love freezing cold and snow...to me, that weather sounds perfect as here in Vancouver, it snows maybe twice a year. When it's not snowing? October-March, it's *almost* snowing - icy cold rain making you chilled to the bone. It's horrible, nasty weather actually. But today it's typically Fall - the sun is shining and has been for a few days now and it really makes all the difference in the world.

Okay, I just wrote my own mini-post in your commenting section..sorry!