Today is the first semi "normal" day I've had this week. Monday was prepping for the school week. Tuesday was the first day of school, which involved all the hassle of getting Jake settled. Yesterday, i got my wisdom teeth out and we had another issue with the school. I think that's finally settled though. God knows it better be.

So far, the kids are loving the back to school deal. Alyssa is happy with who her teacher is (and I was relieved.) Jake seems to be adjusting and doing well.. he even had and did homework yesterday! It's going to be ok. I keep tellig myself that- it's going to be ok.

As for me, I spoke too soon about feeling well yesterday. I've been out of it, basically, since around six last night. I have no idea how I got the kids out the door this morning, I really don't. I'm not in a lot of pain, but I'm sick to my stomach and dizzy. And exhausted. I think the last weeks have caught up with me, and adding dental crap to it has just wiped me out completely. I started throwing up around 4 this morning (no blood, the extraction sites are perfectly fine) and thought I was going to pass out this morning when I was helping Lyss with her hair.

The good thing is she's becoming so responsible about school, etc. I don't have to be after her to hurry, to get dressed, to find this or that. Everything's done when they get home. Papers signed, homework done and put back in their folders, then returned to their backpacks. Lunches (if needed, usually just for Miss Picky) prepped the night before, clothes, etc., all ready. and we get up early enough to take our time. I hate rushing around, half awake, and I think they do better through the day if they can be comfortable in the mornings getting ready. This year has been a major improvement, already, when it comes to being organized. With the shift change coming up, I am worried, though, that it will somehow get messed up.

Yeah, I said shift change. Jim's moving to 2nd shift, so we're on our own in the evenings soon. I think that will be good for all of us, for various reasons. It will be sort of weird, I guess, at first, but it'll get me into a different routine a lot faster. And if anyone needs an entire evening routine makeover, it's this house!

I'm out, for now. My plans for the day? Not much! LOL Relaxing and playing with Taylor just about covers it. That's more than enough for me today!

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