A Little Less Wisdom- Ha!

Well, I made it through getting my wisdom teeth removed this morning. The two on the right, anyway- I have to go back for the one remaining, on the lower left. I'm not too worried about it. At least, so far. The top tooth was a nuisance, and required a bit of a fight, but I'm feeling ok now. thank you terrific pain medication! I had about an hour where i wondered if I may die, in between numbness subsiding and pain seeping in. It doesn't feel pleasant, that's for sure. but all is well. I'm a little spaced out, but for some reason I'm energetic, and in a fabulous mood- LOL.

So, I am surviving. Let's see if that continues as the day wears on... for some reason, pain and illness are always worse in the evenings. That never made sense to me, but it is what it is.

More changes are happening over this way. **sigh** Why do people put their best foot forward at the wrong times?? UGH! But, I'm not going to complain. Much. OK, I will, but whatever. It won't be too terrible.

Now I am off to make some tomato soup and other yumminess for dinner.Soft stuff for all, Ha! They can't complain much- last week they had homemade meatballs, tuna casserole and other Mom- kicks-ass recipes. the meatballs won everyone over, the casserole the kids and I devoured in a day. I love it! :) I'm trying to think of what to conquer next...... I will definitely let you know!

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Willow said...

Glad the wisdom tooth extraction went well -- mine were so impacted I had to have them done inpatient at the hospital; that was so whacked, I've never met anyone else who needed that. I've often wondered if my mom didn't just want a couple of days off from work? Kid in hospital makes a pretty good excuse, no?

How do you get your kids to eat casseroles? I LOVE casseroles but my kids will not eat foods mixed together AT ALL. Argh! I miss me some casseroles.