Did I Say "Normal"??

I should've known, really. Today was going too well. The bus brought Jake to his drop off... and then proceeded to attempt driving off with him. They were unsure, apparently, of where we wanted him to be dropped off. Since this is, from the arrangement the principal made, the only place close to home for him to BE dropped off... **sighs**

And it gets better. He got in the door and grinned at me (I stayed home with Taylor today, to fight off this achy pukey feeling) and he was missing half a tooth. Like, his front tooth is half gone, the entire right side. It looks as if someone cut it in half, it's so precise. Apparently, a fifth grader ( one who lives in my neighborhood, one we warned the teachers to keep at bay) pushed his head down on his desk, knocking the tooth out. And no one called me.

Jake says they sent the boy home early, because of it. He also says that he cried and cried, and that he wanted his tooth. Why they didn't send it is a mystery; the tooth fairy would certainly visit him for having his head slammed on a desk.

Yet another morning will be spent asking another set of questions. Especially why this boy (also in the special classroom, they are all crammed together.... totally detrimental to learning, I think) was anywhere near Jake, when we specifically asked he be kept at a distance. Especially when he'd have a chance to do something like this- because it was a matter of time.

I'm more than fed up, let me tell you. It's been every damn day with this place. I am no longer baffled at the low scores in our county, or even our state. The inmates run the asylum has never fit a situation better- especially when a grown woman is trying to put a tooth back INTO a child's mouth.

I'm at a loss this time, really I am. So tomorrow I'll go back in for some more vacant, lights aren't even on smiles and to have all my words go in one ear and out the other. Next time? I'm filing a formal complaint against the school.


Who Cares said...

I'm assuming I know who the fifth grader is... who, may I ask, is the teacher? Assuming it's not the kindergarten teacher, does her last name begin with "B"? If it's the same, I have my own negative thoughts on that one.

Autumn LeBeau said...

That's her. And yeah, you're probably spot on about the fifth grader.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry about all this - sounds like lots and lots to deal with - I feel for you....