Movies, Movies, Movies!

I'll admit, I'm a movie junkie. Good God I'm a junkie for lots of stuff, huh? But it could be worse than music, movies, the net and food, right? Anyway- I love movies. Scary movies, funny movies, suspenseful movies, musicals, chick flicks (which I RARELY get to see anymore... I need a chick flick buddy!)... there really aren't many genres I'm not into. Just leave out the kung fu, martial arts movies and we're good. So I was curious, and wanted to see what kind of movies you guys love, hate or have been watching lately. and I'll start off with a few I've seen lately. **there may not be a lot of new NEW movies I've seen recently- I have three kids, lol. Sometimes I'm only seeing the brand new episodes of Hannah Montana or Dora.**

Last night we watched Mission: Impossible 3. We've had it on the DVR for over a month now and just got around to it for a few reasons. Number one being it takes a lot for me to be able to watch Tom Cruise lately. He's made himself out to look like a crazy, and I can no longer take him seriously.... or watch Cocktail, one of my all time favorite movies, in quite the same way.

That aside, M:I 3 was pretty good. Action packed and with a twisty plot that slammed you in the face when you thought you had it all figured out. My kind of movie, and for a minute, I forgot all about jumping on couches and bashing moms with depression. Great cast, an openeing left for yet another one. Not my favorite of the series, but one I'd watch again.

Premonition we watched last week. The one with Sandra Bullock where she keeps reliving her husband's dead? Then not dead? Then... you get it. this movie was a WASTE of TIME. It made very little sense, the days never added up properly and the sequence of events was a mis-match of too many things happening, and not happening in every "day", "week" or whatever the hell dimension they were living in. That and you couldn't really sympathize with the husband. At all. Not to give anything away, but the other woman was the only consistent plotline. So, yeah. Definitely don't recommend this one.

Ocean's Thirteen! Ahhhh, where do we begin?? With George? Brad? Matt? Casey? It's a festival of eye candy, girls, with a fun filled plot full of action and Ocean's team doing what they do best. Not to mention Al Pacino as the bad guy about to get his from the scrumptious crew. My only reservation was there was no Julia Roberts appearance in this one... and I love her to death. But, I'd say this is one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. Watch it, and say "Yum, yum!!" along with me. : )

PS I Love You. Ahhh, a chick flick. Hilary Swank plays a grieving widow who keeps getting letters from the husband who passed away, as his last attempts to help her deal with his death and start living again. A slow mover for me, but it had its moments. You'll need your tissues, and some chocolate. I wasn't overly enthused, but it was all right. Not falling into the great romantic films category for me, but I'd watch again with a friend.

Now, your turn. anything stand out lately? In a good, bad or ugly way? you tell me... Go!


Jenni Bates said...

Hmmm, movies, I'll have to think on this one. I don't watch many, as I really don't like to take the time to sit down for long enough to finish one, thanks, I'll wait on the book, it's probably better anyway, then I can cast whomever I wish!

I have to agree with you on PS I Love You. It's an okay movie, though I thought it was supposed to be a romantic comedy. I did way more crying than laughing on that one!

I really enjoy the Jason Bourne movies! Love the excitement and Matt Damon in those!

Love, love, love the classics... Grease, Dirty Dancing, Pretty Woman, and Top Gun! What's not to love?!?!?!

Autumn LeBeau said...

I LOVE Pretty Woman, Grease, Dirty Dancing. and we can't forget Cocktail, Steel Magnolias and Beaches!

Kaza said...

I think we moms are the worst ones to ask about recent movies, since we never get to see them anymore! (Especially those chick flicks, sigh...) I can't even remember the last good movie I saw. My hubs has subjected me to some pretty awful ones lately!

Beth said...

Hiya :) 2nd time to visit your blog, and again, I love it:D

Recently my husband made me watch The Orphanage. That one's a tear jerker. Definitely a must see, at least once. I regard it up there with Finding Neverland at the moment, but kind of a Dark Water meets Finding Neverland sort of thing, I guess.

Another not-so-recent one I watched was August Rush. Yet another tear jerker, but DEFINITELY a must-see! I just wish the ending was a little more detailed as to how things ended up.

Non-tear jerker.... that would be Sex and the City! (but I actually got to go to the theater for that one with my chick friends!)