And The Laughter will Live On

Comedian George Carlin dies at 71

This was a sad thing to see first thing when I checked my email this morning. I'm one of those people who loves to watch, read or listen to anyone who pushes buttons. I would say George Carlin did so, but with an intelligence that wasn't easily ignored. He was outrageous, raunchy and funny as hell. I'm sure he had many haters, but I think that makes a good statement about you. If you have haters for being a button pusher, you're saying something that people don't want to hear- or saying something a lot of people are listening to, and that worries the ones who want everything to fall under a certain way of speaking, thinking and being. He was different, and sometimes that's what the world needs- a different idea, a different voice. He was one, in my opinion.

I may not show it a lot in my writing (yet), but I am all for diversity in thought, music, comedy... I watch Carlos Mencia, I listen to Eminem. I do not believe these things make people violent, or lead them to do violent things. I don't believe in censorship, in banning books, music or television. I believe in freedom of speech and thought 100% and applaud those with the balls to stand up and say "purple" when everyone else says "black" or "white".

Whatever your opinion may be on certain comedians, performers, writers, etc... you can learn a lesson from all of them. stand up, be yourself, in every way. speak up and out, be heard. And revel in the haters, if you have them- it means you've rattled the cage.


The Rambling Housewife said...

Love Carlin.
Love Mencia.
Love Eminem.
And many others.

Same. Same. Same.

We could totally hang out! ;)

Autumn LeBeau said...

We so could I think! Margaritas on me. lol