Come Hang Out with Me!

I am a total 'net junkie. Especially when it comes to somewhere to vent, put my moods, see my buddies' moods, etc... I used to be an Imood junkie, now I'm a Twitter junkie. Recently, however, I have found a new love... over at Plurk.

I like it because it has some cool features, a nifty timeline thing-a-ma-bobber, and a cool way to find-add friends or fans. And seriously, who doesn't like fans? LOL

So, come hang out with me on Plurk. Tell me what you're doing, thinking, wanting to be doing... and see what my poor little mind comes up with at times. I'm learning I have a tendency to be totally random when given the chance.. and sites like twitter and plurk gimme what I need! : )

So, click on my name in my sidebar, or just go here, to sign up, be my friend and or fan. Yes, that means you, you, you and you, too...

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Whiney Momma said...

Ah, I am so clueless. I can't seem to keep up with all these new sites. I am such a blog idiot!