Behind Closed Doors Part II

If you haven't read my first part, it's here.

**edited to add: He was served, all seems well. Uncertain of the details for the screw up, but considering he was served by his best friend, I'm guessing the guy had the paperwork with him all day. Can we say "lawsuit"? Yes, I bet we can!!**

**Warning- I am very, very angry right now. I may very well use some profanity in this post. I may also use a lot of italics, bad punctuation and ramble with no visible direction. Knowing this, feel free to read on or just click away now.**

Yeah, who thought there would be yet another part to this? Wasn't everything I previously posted enough???? But, it goes on, just like a frickin soap, it goes on. Can we tell I am irate? no? Because I. Am. Irate.

My friend decided to do the right thing for herself and her child and go forward with a protection order-restraining order. which is most certainly her right, given the way she has been threatened and harassed, repeatedly, over the course of what... two years now? This should be a somewhat final procedure, yes? You file the paperwork, everyone gets their copies (I am stressing this for a reason, bear with me) and it goes from there. Yes, it is a hard decision, it is painful and final. But when someone does not feel safe or protected, does not feel their child is safe, you do what you need to.

So, this is what is supposed to happen, in this scenario (from what I understand anyway... feel free to correct me if I'm wrong). Paperwork filed. Court dates set. All parties get said paperwork, including the person you filed against... that is served to them. Yes? Right? OK then...

This is what actually happened: Paperwork filed, supposedly all parties (various law enforcement, etc.) receive copies. Jackass not served. He was not there, so they left a note on his door to come and pick up paperwork @ the sheriff's dept. Which of course leads to my friend getting two awful calls, filled with threats, screaming... the stuff that sent her for this in the first place. Which leads her to go and file yet another complaint against asshole today. And guess what? they can't serve him, or give him his paperwork should he come in to get it. Why? Why ever not? Because the paperwork for him? Is missing. Gone, vanished, poof into thin air.

this is unbelievable. We all know where it went and who did it. the same person who probably tipped him off not to be home yesterday to get served with it then, so my friend can have some peace. This is ridiculous. How does something like this happen, and how far does it go??

This bullshit is wrong, plain and simple. It's purposeful and wrong- and people's heads need to roll for this. I have no doubt in my mind that this jackoff would hurt her, and I'm thinking he'd get away with it. I'm scared for her, and for her son. This guy is a total whack job- unstable doesn't even cover it. Unfit doesn't either.

I really hope that jobs are lost over this- and that for once what goes around truly does come back around.


Rene' Morris said...

This is terrible. Can she move? Vanish? Disappear? Not that she should have to, but I don't see it getting any better for her there.

Jennifer H said...

I really hope your friend will be okay. This guy needs to be stopped. Are there any strong, badass male relatives or friends of hers who would have a "talk" with this guy? Not saying that's the answer, but he seems to think she's vulnerable, and it might be good for him to see that she's not unprotected. Has she considered keeping a gun in the house? (Locked away, of course, for the baby's safety, but where she could get to it.)

She's lucky to have a good friend in you. Just don't let this stuff slide. Get as many people to help her as you can, and do all you can to make her believe that she can get away from him and that there a lot of people to back her up.

Whiney Momma said...

Dude, this guy is a total Jackass...and this town sounds really screwed up. This would really worry me...she should consider going beyond just local law enforcement. Remember, the state can be advised of this nonsense as well. You are a good friend though, she will really need people looking out for her.