With the Morning Coffee

Some of you may have noticed there's a change to the blog this morning. Yeah, over there, to the right. I hadn't mentioned it before because I'm one of those super paranoid people who thinks that talking about something just a tad too soon? Yeah, that makes it all fall apart. And knowing my luck with codes and all that other crap, I halfway figured I'd never be able to get the whole thing running on here anyway. I know, I'm such an optimist. lol

I do want to say that it took me completely by surprise to find an email from the BlogHer Ads team in my inbox last week. I'd put myself on the waiting list a good while back and then pretty much forgot about it. But apparently they've combed through some of the waiting list, and mine was one of the blogs they'd chosen to go ahead and ok for the network.

And who knows? They may have done that with me and a handful, or me and a couple hundred- but it still gives me a little of a boost. It makes you feel good for someone to like what you have to say... and seriously folks, let's look what I talk about here!? I talk about my kids, my life and my obsession with all things New Kids on the Block. Not exactly life altering material, right? But, I think like all the other blogs I've had the pleasure of reading, it comes from somewhere honest, and that's what makes the reading of it all so interesting. It's real and it's from the heart. That makes it mean something, whether I'm telling you that my kid puked six shades of fuschia or giving my opinion on the Presidential race (Obama 08!!! Obama 08!!!)

those are the reasons i started to read blogs, and what got me started with writing one. To be recognized, from anyone, anywhere, is humbling and a little odd. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I appreciate the invitation they sent, and I appreciate the chance to earn a little extra income for my family.

I hope it doesn't deter some of you from reading me- I know there are some pretty opposing feelings concerning ads. I suppose if it does, you didn't really find me all that interesting to start with. I'm not saying you should like ads or have ads... that's your choice. But, to each their own goes both ways, right? I don't mind non-intrusive ads that don't detract from the websites I visit. If it has bells, whistles and pop ups, then it irritates me.

I do like that they don't ask much from you. Put in the code, that's basically it. You don't have to promote it, mention it, blog about it, pass it on to eighty-five thousand friends, or click on it seven hundred thousand times a day. It's fairly simple. You add the code and then post as usual. Easy peasy. And it works for me.

So, I'm enjoying my morning coffee as a new member of what I feel to be a pretty special "club" , for lack of a better term. Now let's just hope they don't think, when looking at my place next to some of my comrades, "uggh, what is she doing in here?"

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