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So, I went to Catholic school growing up. And yep, I wore a uniform. I was ten, you pervs, shut up!

Two different schools, two different states. Two completely different worlds. One in St Albans, WV, 4th and 5th grade, that was wonderful, and one here, 6th -8th grade. It was my decision to go to the school here; at the time, I was seriously thinking of Catholicism. Going to school here was... different... than I expected, and so I'm not Catholic. I was turned off of the idea almost immediately, because of differences in the churches and in the schools.

Why do I mention this, you ask? Because I've recently had the chance to reconnect with some old friends from St Francis, and I am absolutely blown away at what people are doing with their lives! Twenty years definitely changes people and things- not that I hadn't realized that before, but sheesh! Kids I still think of as kids are lawyers, activists, parents... it's insane! I have a new love of Facebook right now, that's for sure. Because seriously? That kid you liked in fifth grade? Is probably on Facebook. How weird is that? The girl you were best friends with? Is probably doing something amazing with her life, and you should check it out.

So, aside from being on Facebook as much as time lets me right now, I'm trying not to watch American Idol (I get sucked in, but I'm not overly fond of it), loving that Scrubs is on again, and really, REALLY happy that Life on Mars wasn't cancelled. We don't need to mention my obsession with Jensen Ackles... er, with Supernatural... because I can stop whenever I want to. Really, I can. Stop looking at me like that, I see you.

Not much else is happening in my corner of the world and I'm glad to take a break from crazy right now. With the holidays, the awful snow and everything in between, calm is a more than welcome visitor here. I'm tiptoeing around Calm, because he never stays long. LOL

So, tell me. What are you watching? And is Calm visiting you right now, or are you living in Losing My Shit right now? :)

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we_be_toys said...

It's been pretty quiet around here, and quiet is good!
What am I watching?
Big Bang Theory
The Mentalist
The Office
Ugly Betty
30 Rock
The guys are watching:
Good Eats (Pfft! like they're really going to cook something)
Cities of the Underworld
Ancient Discoveries
Dinosaur King
And the rest of the time I kick them all out of the house, to blow the stink off!
Is it spring yet?
How about now?