Pieces of Me Part 1

So, I had started this post and been writing on it off and on all morning. For almost two hours, I was back and forth, putting together a semi "25 things", because I keep getting tagged on Facebook and MySpace, and on a couple of the blogs I follow. I had decided to do it in parts, because I'm a rambler, and figured 25 things would end up taking up an entire page, so why not break it up. And in the midst of it all, Blogger decided to just delete the whole thing.

After sitting, open mouthed, staring at the screen for a couple of seconds, then telling Blogger pretty creatively what it can do with its mother, father, quite possibly the dog and all of it's neighbors, here I am again.

I've done a few of these before, and I apologize for any repeats, but I'm too lazy to look through the archives and see what I've said about myself before. We'll skip the obvious Oreo obsession, coffee love and NKOTB illness I enjoy every minute of. Although, after seeing them on Regis this morning, I'm sure there will be posts that mention this a few (hundred) times. I will do my best to refrain from mentioning Joe McIntyre's ass in jeans. No promises there, though- they're on the Today show tomorrow, so we all know I may be well into the babbling, non blinking stage for awhile. What can I say? There's something to be said for that man in jeans... a lot of which is very inappropriate, and will remain firmly in my head.

Anyway, where was I... I got a little.. sidetracked. **cough** Oh, right- 25 things. Or at least, a few of 25 or more things. Right.

I'm very passionate about my beliefs. I appreciate diverse views, opinions and ideas, and enjoy a good debate. I don't have to agree with you, you don't have to agree with me. I respect that there are differences for a reason, and I think that's what makes things so interesting. However, I also appreciate the courtesy I extend- don't push what you believe on me as "right" or "true" or "the only way". I don't force my thoughts on anyone, intentionally.

I have zero tolerance for ignorance, racism, etc. I do not understand the theory behind hating someone based on their color, ethnicity, lifestyle, etc. Everyone has the right to be happy, and to be themselves without worry, fear or hatred. why does it matter who we love, what our faith is, where we come from? We're all human beings, and what you think of as so different, or weird, or awful... maybe someone thinks it about you? Ya know?

I love movies, TV, music from the 50's, 60's and 70's. I would love to have been growing up in the 60's and 70's. Woodstock? Would have soooo been there. To see Janis Joplin perform live? Come on, seriously?? I'd have enjoyed the hell out of those decades- I'd have protested the war, burned my bra and been arrested. I'd have had a peace sign big as anything (ok, I did at one point, but for an entirely different reason.. ) worn Lennon shades (again...did.. but for another reason) and probably been barefoot and content.

I am still writing, even though I don't do it as often as I want to. I have three unfinished novels and several outlines and characters waiting for me in my Word program. They mock me sometimes, but I peck away when I can. One of my finished novels, Deadly Vision, I hate with a passion. Hate is too weak a word for it, really. I don't hate it because I think it sucks, I hate it because I revised that damn thing forEVER and still didn't get it quite where I wanted. My "vision", haha, was not great for that one.

I hate reality TV. I watched the first 3 seasons of The Real World eons ago, and enjoyed it. It was interesting, new and not crammed down my throat. Now? Everywhere I look, there's a new reality show. I don't watch if I can help it. I did watch Dancing With the Stars for one season, but ya know.

I have never read the Twilight books. Or Harry Potter. No, not even one. I have never even held one of those books in my hand. Yes, I know. I know.

OK. That's it for the first little bit. Nothing intriguing, I'm afraid, but a little more to know.

Watch the 10 am hour of Today tomorrow! Heh. I'm crossing my finger for jeans!

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we_be_toys said...

I'm with you - 25 things is too much to put in one post.
I have to envy you your three novels, including the one you hate. I'm still in the formulating stage.
I did grow up in the 60s and 70s and I have one word for you - polyester. Everything was freaking polyester and orange. No lie.
You didn't miss a thing, except maybe Janis, and I'm thinking she sounds better on an album than she would have whacked out of her gourd on stage.