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Well, the Christmas play was canceled last night. Due to bad weather we did not get. Yeah. It started snowing, we had an advisory out, all that hoopla. Freezing rain, sleet, icy roads, blah blah blah. So it started snowing, they immediately rescheduled the program... and it stopped snowing. We didn't get the ice, the sleet, the bad shit. Basically, it was canceled for nothing. J took last night off work to see the program, and can't get another night off, so now he can't go. I hate shit like that- it means a lot to have us both there for that sort of thing. Especially since we DIDN'T GET BAD WEATHER. Have I mentioned before that we live in a very small place where the district panics and does dumb shit where snow is concerned? Among other dumb shit things? No? Never? Hmm...

But, don't fret! This isn't a complete bitch fest. The program can be recorded, pictures can be taken, and Lyss is more understanding about rescheduling than the adults. She's just glad they get to finish school this week. And that they rescheduled the play, and didn't just cancel it altogether. She's an optimist, what can I say?

Now, me? I'm not really either or. I'm in the middle somewhere. Good things happen, bad things happen, you just have to take them all and make something out of it. If you don't, then it's your own fault you're miserable. am i miserable? Uh, no. Right now, I'm pretty happy.

Why, you might ask? (some of you know what's coming, I'm sure. Brace yourselves.) This morning was rainy, dreary, bleeech. It was chilly, I was cranky- mainly because Taylor is STILL cutting teeth, and that makes her, like I've said, so pleasant! So I finally find some quiet (aka older kids off to school, Taylor tearing up the living rom with her toys), and get a chance to check out my trusty Internet. What did I find, you may ask (or be laughing your ass off right now)? What did I see?

2008 was, apparently, not enough for these guys. Oh, no- 2009 is bringing about another tour. March- July, from what I understand. No dates as of right now, but I'm sure those are coming soon. and me? Ms. I'm So Happy To See 1 Show that's All I Want...... has become Ms. I'm SO Doing This Again! With my friends this time, though. Because while the show itself was amazing, the rest of the trip was not something I'm interested in repeating. I'm thirty, not ten- at least in public places.

But, I'm excited (again) to catch a chance to do this again (again, LOL) and do a few things different. Maybe I'll get lucky and they'll come closer this time (Columbus, anyone? Hello? Maybe?) and it will be a little easier to get there. Or maybe they won't come through this way at all-who knows? either way, it's still kind of fun that it's happening again. Just.. kind of. Heh. Because I really didn't do a happy dance at my desk this morning. Nope.... not me........

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