Caffeine Fueled

Whew. It's nice to sit down with a cup of coffee (I'm way past one too many cups at this stage) and be able to chat with you for a minute here. This time of year is insane, which I'm sure all of you know already. There are too many things to do, on top of every day stuff to do... and the hours in the days just seem to speed past. I'm up to my ears in school plays, cookies, and wrapping paper right now. Every year it gets busier, as the kids get older. They have parties at school, gift exchanges, Secret Santa. Basically, from the end of November until Christmas break, they have free access to not only all the money we may have, or want to have, but also all the rest of our (tiny reserve) of sanity. I want everything to be perfect, and I'm learning to pace myself with it, rather than think about it until I'm down to the last day or two, running around like crazy cleaning and doing last minute things. that causes a lot of unnecessary frustrations. Procrastination, though a talent of mine, is not helpful.

I've been power cleaning, so all I'll need to do is a few last minute swipes with a dust rag and a quick run of the vacuum. I've also been writing- sort of. I've got a skeleton of a story roaming around in my head and making its way into my Word program. Bare bones right now, with a few names and ideas. For the strangest reason, names are the hardest thing for me. Once they're done, I can pretty much go with the flow, and let the story find its way. Because it usually does- it never ends up how I'd planned. The characters seem to take over and drive themselves along... and that's when i know I'm doing it right. :)

So, busy doesn't cover it. I'm so full of caffeine it's ridiculous... but I'm moving like a tornado through here, getting everything out of the way before the kids get off for break. The less I need to get done with everyone underfoot, the better. So, keep your fingers crossed that I can keep running. LOL I figure as long as the music keeps playing, and the coffee pot doesn't break down, I'm good.

Tonight it's Lyss' Christmas play. She is a rock star doll. Fitting. She gets to play air guitar. they've been practicing like crazy for weeks now, and she comes home exhausted, wondering aloud if she REALLY wants to be in musicals when she grows up. Ahhh, I love it! They are performing at the high school, which to her seems equivalent to "on Broadway", so she's been pretty nervous about it. I think it's cute, watching her walk around with her script, mumbling to herself. Complaining to me about some of the other kids not paying attention during rehearsals. "So unprofessional", she says. Complete with sigh, and hair toss. Cracks me up.

So, that's what's going on at Casa Diva right now. What's happening in your neck of the woods?

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