Happy weekend, Internet! What's new?

Well, the house is decked out, the Christmas lights are on, and it's snowing outside. I'm making a stew pot of my taco goulash (which is my own recipe, and not traditional goulash... but oh, so hearty, spicy and yummy!) for dinner and decorating the kids' area with their tree and lights. We spread the Christmas out here at Casa Diva- that's what keeps the fun and excitement building, for all of us.

We're Christmasy. The house smells like gingerbread and cranberries, the recipes and ingredients lists are out and slowly being added to, taken off. The girls and I are baking cookies and other Christmas goodies next weekend with friends- I'm in my element right now. I'm in such a good mood it's sickening. But hey- it's Christmas!

I'm Christmas crazy, what can I say? I'm all about the tinsel, lights, smells and tradition. It's warm, it's cozy, it's familiar. It's something to look forward to- a season of curling up with family and friends, sharing recipes, traditions... building your own. That's what I love most of all, making the traditions that will be looked forward to, counted on, laughed about and remembered. Making traditions that my kids will hopefully take with them, adjust and blend into their own.

I may delve into the recipe archive I'm growing over here and start posting some favorites. I can't spill any family secrets, mind you, but I can toss out some yummies nonetheless.

Right now, I'm off to get my goulash simmering. Easiest recipe in the world, but tastes like you cooked all day- my favorite kind. And versatile! I do chili goulash, taco goulash, sloppy Joe goulash, Italian goulash... it never ends. Add in some rolls or warm bread- absolute heaven!

Now go enjoy your weekend! Be safe, warm and happy- don't do anything I wouldn't do (or a lot of what I would, for that matter!) and RELAX!!! It's Christmas- take a break! So, get outta here... go have some Christmas cookies!

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