Tired Doesn't Cover It....

Well, I'm like three minutes late for my every day posting deal I have going on. In my defense, I have a first birthday to plan, the school situation that never ends, and my brain is fried.

So, I'll give you another edition of the top searches leading to the blog here.

Autumn (insert last name here) Diva - thanks for knowing it, man!

And yet again, a similar to last time- "Joe McIntyre wife". Man, oh man. Two searches in a few days for those things that led you here. I love it. It's fun and funny at a time when that sort of thing is appreciated. Like I said though, not the wife. Sorry to disappoint. Although, if someone had told me oh... eons ago.. that someone someday would look for that and find me, but I wouldn't currently be in that position? I'd probably have laughed in your face.. after punching you in the nose. :)

Anyway, I'm exhausted, I have to be up early (meeting tomorrow first thing, countered with a night of sick Jake) and I have this kiddo who's turning one this weekend... So, I'll catch ya later, Internet.

Signing off,

Not Joe's wife ( I really do enjoy that too much....)

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