Ebb and Flow

I got my inspiration for this in the oddest of places. Sometimes, someone says something- not to you in particular, but to the masses, basically- and it really makes you stop and think. At least it did me. I read, re read, and then read again. And it made sense.. not just for a certain way of life, but for just... life.

You can't hold on too tight. Life is what it is- not every moment of every day is perfect, or awful. and while you need to hold onto the perfect moments, you can't choke the perfection out of them in an attempt to keep just those memories. Learn something from the awful, the mundane, the average... day. **smile** Because that's what it's there for.

I've had my share of perfect, terrible, so-so. And it is easier to look at those "can't get any better than this" times and think about how great it was. But, the more you look back, the farther back you hold onto just these moments, you lose something. You lose the could be perfections of this moment right here.

I am as guilty of this holding on as anyone else. Because there are some things that, no matter what, looking back at it can make you smile. and that's great- we're lucky to have those, whatever they may be. But you gotta let it go, to a degree, and be here. Now. Good, bad, in between. If you aren't, those absolutely perfect moments that happen? You'll miss them, because you're too busy looking at the ones you already had.

Keep your eyes open. Live it up, learn as you go. Look back with all the laughs and smiles you want.. and be thankful there were times you felt like that. But be just as thankful for the times you hurt, lost, walked away... because you learned something from them. And it makes those good days just that much sweeter. Believe me.

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Whiney Momma said...

Very good points here...sometimes I forget to let go of the bad. And only if we could hold on to those sweet moments longer...