A Note

Just a word of advice for those who read, or comment on my blog. If you don't like what I have to say, state your opinion and leave it at that. Or, to sound like a cliche- don't read what I have to say. No one forces you to come here. Your choice. But, don't come on my blog, read my words, twist them to suit you and then take it another step. What I do with my blog (sit around and decide how to decorate it this week, for example) really has nothing to do with my intelligence or my opinion on bigger issues. What I say on my blog is not wrong- it's my opinion, and the last time I checked, I had the right to say any damn thing I please.

No one has the right to say anyone else is wrong for their beliefs, their faith or any of the choices they make. Everyone has the right to their own opinions.. ya know, it's that whole freedom thing? Hell, keeping those freedoms and choices are part of the reason I supported who I did. The "Band Aids" are another. Ya know.. the steps in a new direction?

I'm not disrespecting the troops. To suggest that i am is pretty offensive to me. That's bullshit, and nowhere in any of my words did I say that. I firmly support the men and women fighting for our country- I believe that they are all heroes. I do not, however, support sending billions of dollars out of a country that needs to start taking better care of its own first. My opinion- I'm entitled to that. Same as my belief that the troops need to come home, that its long over due. As for decisions not made lightly, I believe that for most leaders, that probably is true. However, I think the last eight years prove "trigger happy" is an understatement. Get Daddy's attention another way.

I'm not touching these comments again. I'm not publishing them any longer- telling me I'm wrong, and attempting to make me look like a stupid female who does little more than decorate this blog proves how little you have actually READ. I'm certainly not going to defend myself continually to someone who remains anonymous, with no links, no email, nothing. Think whatever you want. That's your right. But think it without attacking someone because your opinion says they are wrong for supporting the President Elect.

That's actually what makes this country so great, isn't it? The diversity, the differing points of view? It's a shame when we can't respect each other even while disagreeing. Take the negativity elsewhere. I have enough on my plate without worrying about what people on the friggin internet think about me.


Huckdoll said...

I've had a bit of the same problem lately, in a different way. People in my real life search and click my blog everyday and then become furious with what I write. It's infuriating and ALL they have to do is stop clicking - because I'm not changing what I write or my beliefs for them or anybody. There is a little red X in the top right corner - UTILIZE it, you know? And if a person decides to share their opinion, hopefully, it's in a constructive way...including an email link back at least so you can discuss it OFF your blog.

Ugh...obviously these things get to me too. Some people just have zero class.

Whiney Momma said...

Amen sista.