Summertime Wife?

I like checking over my stats sometimes. I'm not obsessive about it, but when I see a new place, new search engine, etc., has popped up, I like to see where you're coming from. Sometimes the places themselves raise an eyebrow. Sometimes the key words that lead here are weird, or funny... and sometimes? They Crack. Me. Up.

Like today. Most of today's hits are Google Reader or direct links. There's one though? The keywords are absolutely priceless, and had me laughing my ass off! I doubt I was who they were looking for, unless there's something I don't know yet **wink, wink**. not that I'm complaining, not that I'd necessarily protest outrageously at the mistake (or the offer....)

Today's top search keywords are "Joe McIntyre Summertime Wife". Now, I am not Joe McIntyre's wife, in the summertime (whoa-oh) or any other time of year. I do, however, think it's one of those funny things I simply could not keep to myself. Because we all know how I feel about Joe McIntyre. So anyone finding me while looking for him... hey that's great. Even if I'm not his wife. (Kidding- he has a lovely wife).

So, nothing profound, just thought I'd share that.. i couldn't resist!

Joe's Not wife, signing out....

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