Don't ask what that title means- it's sort of a joke. And sort of not. Heh.

Not going to be time for an in depth TV post tonight, because I'm starting to seriously freak out about tomorrow. BUT, I will tell you this- the TV thing is gonna be awhile coming after the concert, and when it comes, it'll be in parts. Why? Because i have a DVR I'm madly in love with, and it records more than enough for me to be a couch potato when I grab an hour or so to plop. So, be ready to hear about (in no specific order)- Bones, Law and Order: SVU, Eli Stone, 90210, Fringe, Life, Ghost Hunters, The Mentalist, Supernatural, Reaper, Smallville (maybe, if I can stand it this season. So couldn't the last couple.) and a few more! Told ya- TV whore here.

We have another school issue on our hands, which will be resting in J's corner tomorrow. I did my part today and will pick it up again on Monday morning. This time, it's more of the same, and we have finally figured out the issue0- abuse of power, big time. And when this "power" is challenged, she gets vicious. She has no idea what vicious is. Yet. She will. I've made my calls, set things in motion, and informed everyone involved I'm out of commission till Monday morning. We will not be taking calls from the school in my house, period. They can go through my son's advocates. And that special needs teacher? Can take calls from the Board of Education. More on that next week.

Tonight, I just wanna freak out. Screw the school and the drama, and the rest of life's knocks, for just a little while. Give me 24 hours to recharge, and remember what it was like BEFORE there was all this crap. I think I need it, just for a minute. Just to breathe and relax and stop wondering what's coming next. I have to get my mind off this never ending roller coaster of what will happen each time Jake walks out the door. And I have to wrap my head around the fact that some people truly are evil. I'm dealing with that, we all are, and I've been dealing with it 24-7 since he started school there. It sounds crazy, but I had her from first sight, I knew he was going to have trouble. Not this kind of trouble, but trouble nonetheless. I knew even more when he was hurt and she denied knowledge and called him a liar. Knew more when this "mistaken identity" happened... which now seems like a purposeful lie. Knew more when I saw her scream in another child's face, calling him stupid. And knew today that she was the one who should have recognized trouble in me, when my son sobbed all the way home in the car because he'd been jerked, shaken and screamed at. Because he wouldn't lie. He was standing in a corner, shaking. disoriented and confused, unable to find his things. Because he wouldn't lie.

I'm dwelling on it, I'm chewing it around and around until it boils up in my throat. Let me be very specific- the mistaken identity? They accused Jake of molesting a boy. It was another child with the same name who did it. That's on record, written and spoken (I recorded the last meeting.) When they did so, they accused us of molesting Jake. Obviously, there was no concern. special Ed got her hands slapped for taunting me with it, for not following the IEP (he has not recieved ANY therapy there, and it's written in his IEP he gets three different kinds). Her hand was bitch slapped, or about to be, for allowing him to become injured at school and not doing her job. So, whe he hit a kid today in the regular class (come to find out taught by her DAUGHTER) she told me, again, he was fondling. Written report, of today, says "hitting." Jake's story is she told him we do bad things. He said no (already crying from being yelled at, called bad, and called a brat) and she grabbed his shirt collar, shook him (he acted this out on me), jerked him forward, got into his face (again acted out with me) and said "Yes. They. Do." I went to pick him up after they called about the hitting, and after she taunted me in the hall, saying she was uncomfortable talking with me, smirking all the while, she left. Only she is "concerned" and "uncomfortable". Her aides, who are the ones actually working with Jake, have never seen or heard anything out of him. Only in kindergarten does he hit. Only to this teacher does he "say and act disturbing." So, yeah. I need a minute.

And I'm going to put it away. I filed reports on her this afternoon. For abuse and negligence. I'm filing more Monday. I'm writing a letter to the editor of our paper. I'm calling in the State and getting a lawyer. But for now? For this moment, this day, this weekend? I want to go and forget some. I want to enjoy what I've spent months preparing for (and only after J is forcing me.. I was seriously not going to go after this went down.) He says he will handle, I believe him. And I want to come home, share my memories and my weekend with my family. And fogr on at the start of the week.

Follow me on twitter- updates all day. Email me if you need to, I won't be getting back to anyone till Saturday afternoon. Keep us in your thoughts, will ya? This is supposed to teach me something, all of it, and I'm still waiting to see exactly what that is.

For now, I just wanna be a Blockhead today.

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Whiney Momma said...

Wow, this is quite a lot to deal with. I read your most recent post and had to scroll down to find out the whole deal. My goodness, I really hope this all smoothes out for you and your son. That is really horrific! I am appalled too sometimes at how cruel and manipulative people can be. It is one of my bad traits...being naive to a world like this. I am often surprised by such cruelty by people. You said your child was 6? My goodness, no one should be laying a hand on him or talking at him so badly. I think that teacher needs to be fired and never allowed to work with children again. I really hope this all works out for you. Keep us posted if you can.