Drawing A Blank

I don't have a title as of right now. Maybe it'll come to me as I type, maybe it'll stay the way it is right now. Eh.

Today was the final meeting in putting the school catastrophe to bed. I am so relieved that's over I can't even express it in words. I also cannot put into words how it made me feel to be complimented on my handling of this situation and in getting the proper help and care for Jacob. It's nice to hear once in awhile, from anyone. Especially professionals who mention my intelligence, my knowledge of my child and his situation, reactions, etc. It gives you a boost to get a pat on the back- and people don't do it often enough for one another. Because there are plenty of days when it can make every bit of difference in a person's outlook. Believe me.

I'm guilty of not being forthcoming on the "good job" front myself. But hearing it more than once in the last few days has made me think about it a lot. Just those words have made me rethink myself some; imagine what they could do for other people too? Especially people who don't think of themselves as particularly intelligent, as a great parent, etc.... Someone telling you that yuoi are something positive will change how you see yourself, and make you look closer at what others are good at. It has me, anyway.

Now that this is all over, my mind isn't as all over the place. I am focused... and my focus is, of course, on Friday. And even more so now that I found out that my seats? Are going to be right next to the 2nd stage. There is a smaller stage set up with a piano, and room enough for five men. This stage is on the floor of the arena, in the middle of the crowd. In the aisles. I am on the floor. My seat is on the aisle. And I shit you not, when I read this little piece of information? I almost had a panic attack. Probably because I had just finished watching another spoiler (yeah, yeah, I know, shame on me...) where they were on that 2nd stage. I swear to God, I'm thirteen years old right now. And it gets worse with every passing hour. By Friday morning I'll be unable to communicate without screeching like a deranged monkey. And I'm good with that.

To complete my spiral into teenybop land, I'm off to shoo the kids to bed, make a fried pb sandwich, a cappuccino, and settle in with 90210. Tomorrow, more on fall TV, and probably more on the upcoming nervous breakdown. LOL

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