It's All About The Tunes

Just wanted to take a minute and update you, Internet, on the music I've got blaring these days. It changes up a little with my mood, with what's going on day to day, but there is a running theme. Other than the NKOTB part, there's a running theme. **smile**

1. I'm Single Again - Trina. The remix of this, too, which gives the male perspective on it.

2. 2 in the Morning, Officially Over, Single, Dirty Dancing, Put it on My Tab, Summertime, Big Girl Now, Grown Man, Stare at You, Click Click Click & various others- New Kids on the Block. This album rocks, but these are the ones on repeat. Especially the first two mentioned.

3. Anything danceable. I'm just in that mood. No weepy sad songs, none of that here. Most of the play list is the same, these are just the newest additions, and the ones getting the most play. I'm in the mood to just enjoy, like I said earlier, and screw everyone else's drama. I don't care.

Like some of my favorite people have said recently, for various reasons- It's Official.

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Cindy said...

I still can't believe The New Kids on the Block have come back out! I had one of their dolls when I was about eight.