An American Girl

Quick update on the last post- things are still not worked out to my satisfaction, and I'm still working on getting there. Another meeting in the morning, possibly one next week. Any idea how much dealing with this shit long term, especially next week, pisses me off? Yeah. Should have been taken care of by now. I have no patience for things, especially things involving my family. I want it taken care of, handled in the proper way, and finished. Next week was supposed to be Fun Week here, and I'm going to do my damndest to make sure it stays that way. Of course, next week could also be Mommy Why Are You Acting Like a Maniac Week, ya never know.

I'm losing sleep, thanks to the situation, Taylor cutting teeth (top two are finally in, joining the bottom two, she is now cutting side teeth. saying she is cranky is a major understatement. Major.), and this countdown thing I got going on, sleep is now a long lost friend that I pray to eventually meet up with again. When the children are grown, perhaps. LOL

I'm not packed yet. I do have my shirts lined up, need to buy a new pair of jeans, take my favorite worn in, slightly ripped pair for comfort, and grab a few other essentials for my overnight bag. I can't even really think about it without getting butterflies, which at least gets my mind of the school mess for a minute. I've been watching some clips on youtube (but I'm not pausing them.. **cough**) even though I shouldn't, and I've come to realize that all this money? Is being paid for one song, really. LOL I'm not telling which one. But that's what it seems to come down to; I'm excited for the whole thing, beyond belief. But this one song sends me over the moon and back again. I'll just say I've waited 20 years to see this live, and it seems I'm finally gonna get the chance. Humor me, people. I'm crazed with all of this, I recognize it, and embrace it. LOL

I just wish things could be less complicated. I'm not a drama queen. i want to chill out with my family and my friends, you know? i want to cook and write, get ready for the holidays (huge holiday person, I bake non stop from October to February!), and just be. I don't like all the baggage, all the excess bullshit. But I'll walk head on into it if i have to, so it gets dealt with, and out of my way. All I want in terms of excitement? A cup of cappucino, a bubble bath and a good book I can curl up on the couch with and get lost in. Is that really too much to ask??? I really am just a simple girl at heart. Boring, though? Never. ;)

I'll keep you updated on the happenings around here. Tomorrow -Monday will be about school dealings. Unless i need to really vent, the updates there will be brief. I'm too wound about that as it is, and need to refocus.

The next week will probably be all about Cleveland, so read at your own risk! And on the day of, I'll be twittering up till show time. And again after, if I'm able to make sense. I'm headed for The Block and I'm taking you with me. ;)

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