The One About the Tooth Fairy

OK, so, i have bad teeth. No, we have never discussed this before, Internet, this is a brand new topic. One you will be hearing much about in the coming weeks. Yesterday, I saw the dentist, for the first time in, oh, maybe three years? Yeah, I know, not exactly a good amount of time to steer clear from sharp, shiny dental instruments, icy cold water and air blasting on teeth and the large, somewhat terrifying idea of root canal and Novocaine in large needles. No clue why i waited so long.....

Anyway, I now, at almost not quite but soon to be thirty years old, am having my wisdom teeth removed at the end of the month. and then returning for that root canal I mentioned. And some other junk.... all of which i will be doing in under two months. Why? Because I'm a masochist, ok? If there was ever any doubt before, it should be gone. i will basically be having at least (LEAST) three, if not more, dental surgeries and procedures. Between now and the first of October. (Yes, there is a reason for this. Yes, I realize I am off my rocker. Thank you.)

But it needs done. I have had more dental procedures than any ten people I think. All of my baby teeth, save my four back molars, had to be extracted simply because they refused to come out. Refused to the point where my adult teeth were coming in anyway- behind and in front of the baby teeth. Then came the braces, the bumper guard for the bottom teeth, the tongue guard, the gum surgeries, the retainer, and the various other little things. All from age seven to seventeen. So, needless to say, I hate going to the dentist. I am just unlucky enough to have very sensitive, brittle and apparently angry adult teeth. Almost every single one of them needs something, be it large or small. Yay. Can you feel my excitement?

But, don't fret. At the other end of it is a smile I will be flashing like it's going out of style. One that will possibly be somewhat a grimace until all the pain, and pain meds wear off, LOL. But it will be straight, white and visible to all.

Like I said- get ready,world. I'm coming for you.


Jenni Bates said...

Oooh, I'm hearing you and I'm right there with you! I had six dental procedures in two weeks at the beginning of July! Great fun and it's not over yet! I'm with you on the payoff of finally getting to smile without the self doubt of having the pretty smile!

Reluctant Housewife said...

wow. Good luck with all that. I have to make dental appts. for me and the kids before school. Cross your fingers for me.