Ahhh, Some Understanding?

This article is a good way to describe a LOT of what we go through here at Casa Diva. Where we go, where Jake can go, can't go, what he can and can't handle, people, place, etc., wise. Some things are fine some of the time, and others it is too much for him and yeah, he'll have a meltdown. Or be exuberantly friendly to people who stare, or whisper. Or just don't get it.. or want to.

Read this and think about it- yes, I agree there are rules, and we all need to follow them. but I think the church who made allowances says a lot- there ARE times when exceptions can, and maybe should, be made.

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Jenni Bates said...

Hooray to the church that was able to make adjustments to fit the need. I cannot imagine the patience and understanding that parents have to go through, not with their children, but with the public. Children with disabilities are really still just children!