The Next Couple Weeks

This might be my last full (or coherent) post for a couple of weeks. Tomorrow is the first day of school, and though we have been practicing our early bedtime routine, it always takes time to adjust to the real deal. I predict tiredness, some whining and perhaps scattered meltdowns... and the kids may feel wacked out, too. :)

Wednesday I get my wisdom teeth out, and while I'll do my best not to subject everyone to pain-killer induced posting, I can't make any promises. September is going to be a haze for me, I think. Fall is always really busy around here, winter even more so, but this year is busier than usual, and it may very well kick my ass before it's done. I'll do my best, but I'm only one woman, folks. One tiny woman with a lot going on right now, especially concerning the kids. I've planned and organized as much as one can where kids are concerned, but the thing about kids? They take the best laid plans and somehow make them cease to exist. Or at least alter them until your original plan is unrecognizable.

As for everything else... I'm trying to organize this outing I have for seeing my boys in October, and driving myself nuts with it. Planning it means thinking about it, thinking about it means getting more and more excited. I plan better when I'm not wriggling like a small puppy with weak bladder control. But, we take what we can right? Ha. I've waited for something like this for too long (a night away from children? come on, those are RARE!) not to be excited. Reliving this is something I'm not going to pass up, and I'm going to enjoy every step of it. It's the one thing I've carried with me for over half my life, and those things are priceless. OK, the feelings are priceless. The other stuff? Those are pricEY. But so worth it, to be able to let your teeny bopper self go ape shit one more time. (Or more, if they add another Ohio show... hmmm....)

Either way, the next few weeks are going to be insane, at best. Posting will be scattered, possibly hysterical, and somewhat drug induced (prescription drugs only, no illegals promise!!) So, bear with me on those fronts.

what I **do** promise is a lot of fun stuff. We are going to have some kick ass, no holds barred fun over here in the coming months. More picture posts, holiday stuff, and plenty of tales from the various happenings of the seasons to come. So, keep coming back, keep hangin in with me.

Welcome to the all new Confessions, folks. Let's party~

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Anonymous said...

Good luck with the wisdom teeth I had mine out two years ago and although it wasn't great it wasn't as bad as I expected....