Movies, Movies, Movies! (Again)

It's that time again, Internet. Time for me to let you know what I've seen, and what rocks- or doesn't.

First up, since I just saw it last night, is the perfectly titled Definitely, Maybe with Ryan Reynolds as an about to be divorced dad to a precocious 11 year old girl (Abigail Breslin). The basic plot line is this- Will Hayes (Reynolds) finds an unexpected -and unwelcome- surprise when he picks up his daughter Mya (Breslin) from school. After learning about sex in school, Mya is curious to know how it's really all so complicated, why people fall out of love almost as easily as they fall into it. And if she was simply a mistake, and this is the reason her parents are divorcing.

Will reluctantly tells the story of the three loves of his life, changing names and some facts, leaving it to Mya to guess which one was her mom- the college sweetheart Emily (Elizabeth Banks), the wanna be journalist, Summer (Rachel Weisz), or April (Isla Fisher) the "nothing" copy girl he meets while campaigning for Clinton in 1992.

This movie is terrific- it's funny, heart wrenching, smart and sassy. Reynolds leaves behind the trademark comedic performance and is totally believable as the dad trying just as hard to understand his life as he is in trying to explain it to Mya. It wasn't too predictable, and the characters were likable, even when they were at their worst. It has something for everyone, in my opinion, and still allows for the perfect chick flick! Bring your tissues, there are a few scenes that are tear jerkers. Be prepared to really enjoy yourself, and maybe come to realize that not all things are meant to be for all time, but simply for a time.


we_be_toys said...

One of my close friends saw this recently and loved it too, so I guess I'm just gonna have to watch it now!
Good review!

Shonda Little said...

I just watched in with my mom and we both really liked it. I've been a fan of Isla Fischer's for a while now, so I was also pleased that she was in the movie.