It is my job to be inflexible when it comes to my children's needs. To be immovable, unshakable, unimpressed by obstacles- in front of them, anyway. It's my job to help them succeed, to keep them safe, to have them happy and healthy, in every way. It's what I am supposed to do, it comes with this Mom package.

What always surprises me is how easily those feelings come. Nothing prepared me for that; that fierceness in me that comes out when I feel they're being compromised, ignored, or just treated a little off. There's no "supposed to" about it; it just is. And it doesn't seem as if I'm pushing to hard, being strong or taking on extra issue. It just happens, i just do it... what else would I do? Let them fall? Let someone else make them fall? It baffles me when someone says something about it- they're mine, aren't they? Who else is going to do these things, make these things happen? It just comes naturally, the same way that grabbing the peroxide and a bandage comes when they get a scrape.

I would move a hundred mountains if I had to. I'd knock anyone, anything, out of the way. Anyone. Anything. And so, I did.

Jake started school this morning, with every other kid in this district. I said he would. And he will continue to do so, and he will succeed. They all three will, in their own ways. And I'll be right there with them, every step of the way, making sure they get every chance they can, every opportunity.

One mountain moved. Next?

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Anonymous said...

Right on way to go!!!

Things get complicated in my house when the mountain I fight, the person pushing the girls down and making them fall is their biological mom... talk about dicey, but I feel God appointed me to stand and so I do my best..