School, Thirty, and The Block

That title sums up life right now, in a nutshell. I turned thirty yesterday. I'm not upset about it, yet. :) I gotta tell you, though, as it inches closer, it does some wacked out things to your mind. I think a new decade makes you sit back, take stock and think about life. You aren't the same person at thirty as you are at twenty. Time changes a lot of things; your priorities change, your responsibilities change.. everything sort of shifts from a twenty year old kid into this adult you never saw coming. So you do a lot of stressing, thinking, more thinking and figure out whether the places and things you wanted are still on track with you today. It messes with your head.

But, thirty itself isn't bad, I guess. I don't really feel different. I don't feel suddenly older, or wiser. :) I feel like I'm getting there, but I don't feel like panicking and rushing out for the wrinkle cream. At least, not yet....

School is chugging along. Alyssa's having no problems, as usual. The girl sails through school; I never get that. LOL She's good at pretty much anything she tries... totally not like her mom there. :) She adores her teacher, likes being with her friends, and is making some noises about cheerleading. I try not to gag or roll my eyes when she does. Much.

Jake is having an ok time of it, now. Things seem to have settled for the moment. I think being persistent (aka, you aren't messing with my kid, I'm not going away) has helped. He's printing and doing school work (new), coloring carefully, and got to have lunch and recess time with the regular kindergarten class. He did well with it, and hopefully it will happen more and more. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they will transition him into the kindergarten class before a lot of time passes; he mimics behaviors and reacts to negativity. the more acting out he sees, the more he will try to get away with. If he sees rules and schedules being followed, he'll fall into line. Of course, saying it and being heard are two very different things. But, I tend to repeat myself if need be. And I can talk anyone under the table. So....

And, to feed my thirty going on thirteen self, my CD, The Block, came out today. I nabbed the Deluxe from Walmart this morning (preordered the regular 3 months ago, LOL). I'm surprised by it, and any former Blockheads expecting the same bubblegum stuff, be warned- this is not bubblegum. And you may want to grab some headphones for some of the songs. There's no swearing or anything, but it isn't your teenybop feel good New Kids CD. Oh, they wanna... feel good... don't get me wrong. They wanna feel real good, all night long. *cough* But it's good, and there are a few throwback songs for the feel good vibe. and the ballads? Ohhhh, the ballads are worth it all on their own. If you can get your hands on this CD, I'd recommend it. It's great to clean house to, seriously. LOL Or just relax to.

And speaking of, with my newfound evening freedom here at the Casa, I'm off for a bubble bath, some pepermint tea 9and maybe a cookie or six) and my new guilty pleasure, 90210. not the old one (which I absolutely adore), but a new generation... with some familiar faces! So, go relax, veg out and we'll meet here again. Same Diva time, same Diva channel. ;)

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Reluctant Housewife said...

I'm 3 1/2 years into my 30s now... and I have to tell you 30s are way better than 20s. Still young - but that much more comfortable with oneself... You know?

Happy b-day & happy new decade.