Random Stuff About Me- 2

It's that time again, folks. time to get to know your friendly crazy lady just a little more. So here goes:

1. I don't pay attention (usually) to all the celebrity gossip. I don't give a shit who shaves their head, acts a fool or needs rehab in the worst way. Everyone has issues- us everyday folk just don't have a zillion people watching us, hoping to capture us losing our cool, our lunches or our minds. I do, however, think it's a little insane how people act when they KNOW a camera is on them. Keep your Crazy to yourself and we wouldn't read about it.

2. I wear a bra for moral support, only. **sigh**

3. I have an irrational hatred of clowns. Yes, it's because of It. Yes, I realize that wasn't real. Still won't catch me near a clown, or a sewer drain any time in the near future.

4. I love horror movies with a passion, but am terrified of the "reality" paranormal things. I'd never be investigating anything like that. Ever. I'll watch it from the safety of my couch as I hope there's no one I can't see, watching with me.

5. I am on a constant quest for "what I want." The outcome is always the same, in my mind. The way there changes, a lot. Thank you impatience and determination- you make a lovely contradicting combo for me.

6. My favorite part of my morning is waking up to my baby- she usually gets up in a great mood and my first moments of the day are spent cuddling a smiling, lovey, giggly little girl. That makes my whole morning.

7.I hate talking on the phone. HATE it. I love email and text messaging. Those can be done anytime, usually anywhere, without messing with the routine of the day, or the zone I'm in. Phone? The mere ringing of it shifts my focus. Yes, I am easily distractable.

8. I have a weird thing about laundry. I am ALWAYS doing laundry, even tiny loads. I feel more accomplished at the end of the day if there's been a load or more of laundry taken care of. I am OCD about it building up, and taking over my floors. And with five of us? It can take over pretty fast!

9. I am also crazy for good smells. I surround us all with scent. I'm a febreze junkie, a candle crazy and a potpourri oil queen. I can't stand stale air, especially in winter. Cooking and baking smells are my favorites.

I think that's more than enough for now. If the first set didn't deem me crazy to you all, this second set will have you calling for the butterfly nets, I'm sure! :)

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Jenni Bates said...

Moral support... LOL! I laugh because it's also true of me! Good one!