One of Those 99%

I agree with the woman in this article who says she wishes she had a brat. Seriously, I am all for freedom of speech- i think everyone has the right to speak their minds, offer their opinions, and all that good shit. But, if your freedom of speech includes saying my son is a "brat", or calling autistic children "morons", "putz" and telling them to "stop acting like an idiot" then I'm going to shove your freedom of speech up your ignorant ass.

I've never seen anything like what Michael Savage is saying about autism. It offends me, breaks my heart and frustrates me- there is so much unknown about this disease as it is, so little education for so many people, that adding this sort of ignorance to the mix is anything but helpful. I agree that sometimes doctors and medicines are a bad combination; some doctors are more than willing to hand you a "cure all" in a prescription bottle. But, not all children with autism are even on medications. And yeah, some do need it to function somewhat "normally" in every day life. What we need is research, education and real answers. Not more assholes like this guy, stirring an already murky pot.

Michael Savage is obviously the moron here. Maybe someone should tell him to stop whining and act like a man..... after all, if autistic kids should have that ability, so should he.

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