Random Stuff About Me- 1

I've seen this done on a lot of blogs, so I thought I'd give it a shot. I'll jot down some stuff about me just so you guys can get to know me a little better. Feel free to comment, not comment, whatever you choose. :)

1. I can be completely random. A lot. Things just pop into my head and I want to share them, before I forget. This tends to annoy some people.

2. I seem to have a low inside yet high outside, for all to see, tolerance for morons, bullshit, idiocy, etc... I see people doing dumb shit every day, and rarely point it out. In my head, I am probably cussing you like a trucker. Believe that.

3. I will only eat boxed macaroni and cheese- the kind with the powder. I'm picky about weird stuff like that. I don't like a lot of cheeses, but I like the powder cheese. Odd yes? I am the same with cheeseburgers- unless it has provolone or mozzarella, I will only eat cheeseburgers from McDonald's.

4. I am super sensitive, even when it doesn't show. Things stick with me and hurt me pretty easily. I may appear not to care, or to bounce back, but I'm thinking about it anyway. And yes, I'm the chick who cries at some holiday commercials.

5. I'm addicted to coffee. hot, cold, latte, regular... just gimme a cup of joe already. Or six.

6. I could be a hermit a lot of the times. I like people, but on my terms. Odd, selfish, but true. I like to be alone when i want, and will ignore you if you don't get the hint. I don't get a lot of personal space or time, so when I have it, piss off. Sorry.

7. I am the least organized person you could EVER meet. I lose things all the time. I want a clean house, an organized life.... and get too frustrated, too easily.

8. I would pay you to take Barney and the Teletubbies out back and beat the ever living hell out of them. Extra, if i could watch.

9. I would move mountains for the people I love... until you screw with me. Then i will still love you, but the mountains won't be moved by me.

10. I love cooking, baking and preparing for holidays. It makes me feel warmer and gooier than anything else. My dream is a large house filled with family and friends for the holidays.

11. I rarely wear makeup. On occasion I'll haphazardly paint my face, but usually what you see is what you get, imperfections and all.

That's it for the first round. Keep checkin back- or ask me a question!


Jenni Bates said...

It's great that you know yourself so well. I enjoy that you are candid and wish more people could be as honest. I enjoy you, "flaws' and all...

Beth said...

Im with you about 7/10 of those!!! In fact, my blog today was titled Random Wednesday ;) just about random stuff!