But Mom, You're Famous!!!

It's funny what kids can come up with sometimes. Alyssa seems to have gotten into her head, and shared with the neighborhood kids, that I'm famous. I tried to correct her on this, and her answer was "Well, you do write on the Internet, and people read it. Maybe even the Jonas Brothers, or New Kids! that would make you famous!"

OK, I seriously don't think her beloved Jo Bros. check out my blog. And I highly doubt that my beloved NKOTB are anxiously awaiting my newest post on teething, pictures of my kids or cats, or even the posts where I ramble on about my guys incessantly. Or about my pretty 4th row ticket to see them in Cleveland. (Did she just say 4th row? Yes! Yes she did!!! She did!!!)

That leads me to wonder about "fame" on the internet. There are some bloggers who are really, really well known, and can make a living from what they write daily. We all know who they are, I have some over there in my Blogroll. I don't think of myself in those terms, probably wouldn't even if I was lucky enough to find myself in the company of those talented men and women. I'm just a mom who writes, talks about her life and occasionally cleans her house. LOL I don't think I'm changing the world with what I say, and I'm not really trying to. I may try to make you think occasionally; I enjoy making people think, question, wonder and dream. Because i like to think, wonder, question and dream.

I don't think that I'm famous. I doubt I'll ever be. But my daughter does, and that makes me feel pretty good. That, alone, had me feeling like a rock star.

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Jenni Bates said...

Everything is so worth it when you are famous in the eyes of your children... and you are! Relish it!