Music of the Moment 2

Had to add some to my playlist! I am constantly moving music around, adding and taking away. I'm a music freak. I have my favorites, but I'm not adverse to listening, or trying out, just about any tune. I honestly think music would be something that I'd go crazy without. I can't remember a time in my life without remembering the music I was into at the time, and I imagine it will always be that way for me. I hope that's one thing I pass down to all of my children, the idea of having a soundtrack to life. Because it makes memories a lot more tangible, for me, that way.

Anyway, rambles aside :), here are my additions:

All Summer Long by kid Rock. this song is fun, fun, fun.... and did I mention FUN? If you like Sweet Home Alabama... and really, who doesn't???... grab this one. It'd be great for a drive, a barbecue, or any sort of gathering.

Like A Friend by Pulp- the contrast in this one is kick ass. It's an oldie but a goodie for me, since it's on the Great Expectations soundtrack (love that movie) but it's great. Perfect song about the "friend" you just can't stay away from, even though you should. And it's got a good, upbeat tempo after the slow, lead you to believe it's a ballad opening.

Underneath by Alanis. I love Alanis. Always have, always will. Not quite her usual I hate you all and I'll rip your balls off, but still classic Alanis.

I Don't Give A Damn- Avril Lavigne. Love it, same reason I love Alanis' early stuff. I am a sucker for the girl-gets-pissed-and will-not-take-your-crap song.

A Little Help From My Friends-- not sure who does this newer version, but it's from the Across The Universe soundtrack. Still love Cocker's version the best, but this one is fun and funky.

Well, that's the music update for now. Keep sending me your lists, guys. I'm always up for a new tune, or sending some new ones your way. Add to your soundtrack- and enjoy looking back!

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