New Month, New Attitude!

OK, first, let's do a recap of May. Jim's layoff. Foot injury. Assorted animal issues (ranging from kittens being dumped here to the cold that managed to sweep through all of our cats, leaving a trail of pissed off animals at having noses and eyes wiped and cleaned.) Jake's school issues, then his school letting out. Prepping for Alyssa's school to let out. Taylor's shots. The flu that rendered Jim practically immobile for almost three days. Some issues that left me wondering how I could make him immobile and not get caught... A chunk of the ceiling crashed into our house on the last day of May... and seriously, I don't make this shit up. I wish I did....

But now... now it's June. A new month, new hopes, and new time. Summer has definitely arrived, complete with humidity carrying thunderstorms. But, BUT- all is well. And not just because I'm a bubblegum popping, metal mouthed 12 year old trapped in a 29 year old woman's body. OK, maybe partially, but still! Things are turning around.

Health is better. Alyssa's last day of school is tomorrow. Work should be rolling back around this week. (I hate layoffs.... I absolutely hate them. Vacation is nice, because he doesn't have time enough to get bored. When he gets bored, he gets in the way. lol) And yesterday... yesterday, he did the nicest thing I think he, or anyone, could have done for me.

Anyone who's been reading here for the last little while knows I have a slight affection (raging, raging obsession) for these guys right here. And it seems that in October, these gentlemen will be visiting the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland. So, I sort of (desperately, desperately) wanted to see about nabbing a ticket or two and heading on over there. I'd had some cash set back for a rainy day (cheap seats) and that was gonna be that. Jim, however, upped the ante a little and nabbed me a better seat. Without my asking, because I honestly don't care where I sit as long as I'm there, ya know? So, as of 10:12 yesterday morning, yours truly is the proud ticket holder for the 10-3-08 concert at the Q. Stoked does not even cover it- and if you've never had a thing for a group, band, singer or some such celeb ish person, you just won't get it. My friends don't. My family doesn't... but they love me anyway. And put up with the possible overplaying (repeat, anyone?) of Summertime, the new single (yep, that means go find it and check it out.. like here)

So, things are looking up- and not just because I get to relive my childhood (the good parts anyway). A new month is a new start.... and June rolled in with a wink and a smile. May is always a bitch, and she smacked us down pretty harshly this year. Now we're past the iffy weather, the spring to summer transitions and all the other ish that May tossed at us. We can kick back and enjoy our summer. Kool-aid and bare feet, water guns and that shrieking laughter you just can't pass up.

Here's to June! To walking on both feet, barefoot in the grass with your kids! To clear eyed kittens and men going back to work (and getting the hell out of my house!!!) And to getting a moment... whatever it is... to smile like you haven't in ages.


we_be_toys said...

Amen sister! so glad things are looking up! Men underfoot are SO annoying and testy, and annoying (twice for emphasis, don'tcha know?)Hope you have a FABU time at the concert - scream like a teen for me!

kspin said...

Yay for June! I'm with you, May was a long month! Glad things are looking up for you. Enjoy your summer!

Jennifer H said...

A big cheer for June! I love how you sound so positive...but it's also hard not to be happy when you can walk barefoot in grass. Have a great month!