Donuts, Anyone??

Another example of going too far.

So, now Rachael Ray is under fire for a scarf? A scarf, people. And, Rachael Ray of all people??? Seriously. As a Food Network junkie and a huge, HUGE RR fan, I'm offended. And a little bit ashamed, too, that this is my country. Not everyone is a terrorist. Repeat that with me again- Not everyone is a terrorist. Certainly not the women who cover their faces, heads, or other parts due to religious beliefs. Or the men who do the same. That's the same as saying all Irish people are drunks, or all (insert any race, belief, background here) are (insert any stereotype, racial slur or ignorance here.)

How far is it going to go, really??? I'd say when everyone's favorite "EVOO and Yummo" girl is targeted, we've finally taken it out of the realms of common sense!

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Jennifer H said...

Oh honey, in my sweet little opinion, we've been out of the realm of common sense for quite some time. This whole scarf thing WAS ridiculous, and that blogger (Michelle Malkin?) should be ashamed.