New Month, New Attitude! Part 2

I told ya June was turning it around, didn't I? Yes, oh yes I did! School is now officially over (with Miss Lyss nabbing a few awards at the ceremony and moving along to 3rd grade) and Jim got himself a new job! Better hours, better pay- and consistent- with overtime! It works out really well for the summer schedule, not too awful for the rest of the year... and there's no more wondering when things will look up. The economy here is in a terrible place, and even the longest standing businesses, factories, etc., are minimizing, closing, filing bankruptcy..... I feel so awful for the people struggling for work. It's awful trying to keep your head above water and stay on top of everything when you don't know from one day to the next if you are still going to have a job. We need a change.

Speaking of changes.... I hear that today is the day Hillary will concede. I'm not going to say a lot, because politics and religion are two topics I know better than to preach (nobody's right, nobody's wrong) but again, I'll say June is kicking off with a wink and a smile.

Not to mention, I'm still in a tizzy over these guys right here. Yes, this will be a normal thing. Just nod and smile, guys, nod and smile.

June, my love.... keep it comin!!!!!


Angela said...

Well, I preach for you. I'm so sick of seeing her right now that I couldn't be happier. Go Obama. Seh totally lost me with her contempt this year.

the mama bird diaries said...

why does she even had to concede? i mean, it's over. she lost. it just seems egotistical somehow. time to step out of the spotlight. i have a lot of respect for her but it's over.

glad things are on track for you.