Lurkers Unite!!! I Wanna Hear From YOU

OK, I'm officially calling today National Lurker's Day! Why? Because I seem to have a lot of lurkers, and I'm an extremely nosy person. I love feedback, I love interacting with new people, familiar people... you get the general idea.

So, lurkers, today is your day! Come out of the woodwork and comment! Let me know who you are, why ya read and where ya blog (if you do, I'm sure not everyone on the planet has a blog. Close, probably, but not everyone.)

That's the order of the day- de-lurk and say hello! Who knows, maybe I'll give you a cookie. Probably not; I love cookies, and seeing as how you are somewhere else, I'd eat it before it got to you. But, it should mean something that I intended to give you a cookie. So there.


Vader's Mom said...


The Rambling Housewife said...

I haven't been as good about commenting--But I still read! :)

Autumn LeBeau said...

I'm just as bad with the commenting these days. I've become the lurker of the blogs. LOL