Ch-ch-ch changes

I need a change. Again... yeah, you know how this goes. So I'm starting with the blog. The changing of colors and fonts was ok, for a minute. I think I need something... more. Maybe like the layouts I was using a few months ago... but that got to be a hassle. I lose all my widgets every time I change my layout. that's a lot of work, replacing all my links, badges, etc., every few weeks when I want a change. Any suggestions??

Also, I'm not entirely sure how many readers I have, but I've noticed some coming out of the woodwork lately to comment. Hi there and welcome... and for the rest of you, feel free to comment! I love feedback, of any kind... especially the ego stroking kind. Ha!

Anyway, gimme some ideas- colors, layouts, etc... I'm game! I really want to stand out... I've decided being part of a crowd no longer works for me. So, be on the lookout for some changes comin this way.......

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Jennifer H said...

Are you going to have someone design it for you, or do you do that sort of thing yourself? Do you have some examples of blogs you like and are similar to what you have in mind?

I'm lots of help, aren't I? Have you trolled through all the available templates? Tons of help.