Boy Band Central

My house is now boy band central, thanks to Lyss and me. We feed off each other, we giggle with each other. My husband may be contemplating doing something drastic. Like purposely going deaf. Or blind, cause he's having issues with my desktop wallpaper. He keeps moving the icons around to cover faces... I don't get it. **smirk**

Miss Lyss is now in full-blown Jonas Brothers mania. She has a favorite (Joe Jonas, and I applaud her for that name, lemme tell ya), she goes high pitched and glassy eyed when she sees/hears/talks about/anyone even vaguely mentions them. She can also recognize their speaking voices from the next room, and come running like the house is on fire and she's got to get out. Jim's all "WTF?" Me, I'm just rolling with it. I've been there, I've done it, I've enjoyed just like she's enjoying now. And I'm enjoying watching her, remembering being around that age (she's 8, I was 9) and being as batshit goofy as she is right now. lol Because really? I'm still that batshit goofy about things. I just hide it better at twenty nine than I did at nine.

And it's all coming full circle, as I've mentioned before (and will mention again, and again, and again, and did I say AGAIN?) as this NKOTB bus continues to roll. Not everyone gets it, and that's cool. I don't get a lot of people's taste in music, books, movies, etc. But this is more than music, to me, more than just a silly crush, etc., that I can reminisce about with a silly little smile. This was life, it was what got me through one hell of a lot of junk in those pre-teen and even teen years when angst was high and I was trying to find myself. NKOTB was also the only thing, ever, that my mother started me on that I latched on, enjoyed, and she enjoyed with me. A lot of my good memories with her are wrapped up in these guys. They mean a lot. Always have, always will. And they're yummy looking. Yummy.

So Lyss and I are making our own memories. And I'll encourage every step she takes on this boyband journey, because it's something to look back on. Every song, poster, whatever the hell else they come up with (and good lord, what they can come up with.. toilet paper people... seriously) . Because it's fun to be a girl, it's fun to like these boys. And they won't attempt to date her. Ever. Because she's brought home a phone number already. In second grade. Yeah.

But, the reason for the rambling is this- find something you enjoyed as a kid- really, truly found pleasure in, happiness, excitement, etc., and pass it on. Or try to. Or watch your kids find something they get that look about and run with it. Making memories like the ones I have? The ones I hope she'll have? There's nothin' better than that.


Anonymous said...

Awww... I told myself I have to smile 100 times today... Your post made me smile over and over again... And aww... how awesome is that, that we get to relive things through our children... I love it!

Meg said...

I have a 10-year boy who loves the Jonas Brothers. He used to love Green Day--I'm trying not to worry!
Of course, I'm a bit of a groupie, myself, so---

Keep up the fun blogs!

kspin said...

I think you are really onto something there about finding something to help you and your daughter bond. Great advise and I think I will do just that! Great post! :)