Like I said....

YUM! (Photo taken from the official NKOTB website)

this is the first official photo in fourteen years.

From the left- Joe McIntyre (not Joey, thankyouverymuch), Jonathan Knight, Donnie Wahlberg.Jordan Knight (Jon's brother),and Danny Wood.


Anonymous said...

It gives me the chills... Takes me back... I am not a fan of boy bands but, I am willing to be open minded... HaHa...

The Rambling Housewife said...

You're so funny!

I'm definitely from the NKOTB era, but was never really nuts over them!

So many of my friends were though! :)

Mommy Bits said...

Oh.My. Goodness.

I am so thrilled they are reuniting. I feel 12 all over again.

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Melinda Zook said...

OMG, I got chills too! My bedroom used to be covered, covered I tell you with NKOTB stuff. I will have to post a pic soon of that.

I was a Jonathan fan but Joey is looking mighty fine these days.

crazy working mom said...

*gasp* I &heart; NKOTB. :)

Joey-Joe was always my favorite!

Daisy K @ With a Green Thumb said...

Please excuse my drool over here... Joey (yes he will always be Joey to me) is WTF HOOOOT!!!
They HAD to have altered his eye color for that pic!! YuuuuuuM

The Knight boys don't look "bad" but WOW!!! Danny and Donnie have sure AGED!!! Makes me really not want ot remember how old I was when my wall paper consisted of Teen Bop mag inserts!!

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