Weekend, are you over yet?

First, I wanna say that I missed my first weekend for Blog Hopping. Already, I suck. But, in my defense, I had one sick child(hello Lysol coating the bathroom), one first birthday party to attend, and a husband who so sweetly planned a night of relaxation. Next weekend, I promise ya at least one night of Hoppin'.

And next, a big thank you to Melinda for the award she gave to me! It's my first blog award and I'm over the top excited about it. :) So, go check her out; she has a pretty cool blog.
As for passing on the award, that will take some thinking on my part- I read a lot of great blogs that say a lot of wonderful, smart and thought provoking things. So, passing on an award to a select few is going to be really hard. Bear with me, I will spread the love- just don't be too shocked if I spread it to a million people! :)

Anyway I just wanted to say hello, Internet- I miss you. I am ready for the weekend to be done with, thankful to be rid of Flu Bug, which seemed to want to permanently reside in my son's stomach and add to his cold, and hoping there are no more snow days for awhile. Especially when trying to make snowballs can actually cut your hands, through gloves. At least it's better than last year. Last winter, they missed three and a half weeks due to subzero weather. I thought we would all go completely insane. The kids were whiny and crazed by the time it was over, Jim and I were pulling our hair out. And pregnant. Ahhh, cabin fever...

So, have a terrific end of the weekend and if you're lucky enough to be in warm weather, go bask in it for me, will ya?


jennifer h said...

I'm basking here in AZ. It's only 61 though, so you can't hate me too much, right? Right??

Hope everyone feels better soon...

Huckdoll said...

I totally share the, "Weekend, are you over yet?" feeling. And don't feel bad at all about the blog hopping! Congrats on the award. I'm a newbie here, but you're a wonderful blogger...you deserve it!

theramblinghousewife said...

Blog Hopping? Never heard of it until today! I amaze myself with the things that I don't know!

Sounds fun though! Congrats on the award! :)

Autumn LeBeau said...

We're on day two of more snow days. Have I mentioned my hatred of snow? LOL

And thanks! BTW- check out the blog hopping link over there and see what you think!

Thanks for that, huck- I love your place too! :)