Journey With Me Into the Mind of a Maniac...

The title seemed totally appropriate today since I'm all over the place. I was just going to put "random" as the title, but this popped into my head and seemed a lot more fun. Of course, now I have that song rolling around in my head with the zillion other things knocking around in there... **sigh**.

My plate is overflowing right now, and instead of doing what I need to, I'm procrastinating (as usual), and making lists in my head (as usual). Plus, the babe's konked out for her morning nap, so I'm taking some time to plan before executing. Because executing can get noisy, which will wake up sleeping infant and transform My Wittle BeeeBeee into Screamington McScreamer. And no one needs that. No one.

It's semi renovation time here, and I'm excited and dreading at the same time. Excited for a new look, dreading the clearing out of the disorganization... cause, let's face facts, Internet. I'm the "Not So" for some reason, right? Right. That reason would be clutter. I like the idea of a clutter free, organized space. I think I'd flourish in it. We all would. And I'm good at starting to get there. But then someone mucks up a clean counter, tosses something random in a cupboard, drawer, etc., and it starts all over again. Tables and desks are apparently here for the papers, can opener and assorted other things to lay on, did you know that? I did not, but I'm beginning to see that unless I really enforce the organization (on myself as well as the others), it will always be chaos and I'll keep putting it off. I'm constantly picking stuff up and wondering why it's sitting here, and not in the kids rooms, laundry basket, thrown in the trash, etc. And I'll be honest- I do want to throw my hands up a lot and say forget it. What's the point? It is frustrating. Because it makes me crazy that stuff just gets discarded wherever, when it takes less than one minute to put it away. I'm guilty of it too, so I can point (too many) fingers. But it needs to change. So, that's my project- to make it just a little less cluttered. To put it away, throw it out, pick it up. And maybe lead with example.

I've gotten the green light for "re-do" from Jim, and every room in the house is getting a little bit of a spruce, so that's exciting. And it's the little touches that work wonders for me- a new throw and some pillows, new curtains, etc. I want to add color and comfort. This is a really old house, and it seems every year something goes horribly wrong and our plans to redecorate fly off into the sunset with a huge project that has to be done. Last year, we had to have all new pipes, after the old ones froze, then burst. That was fun. The year before that, we had to get a new washer and dryer, and add to the existing lines, etc. The year before THAT we had to re-do all the electricity and plumbing in the bathroom, just to be able to function in there. And then there was all new wiring, etc... you name it, we've done, or are doing it. THIS year, I am making it PRETTY. As I type this, I completely expect the roof to fall in, the porch to cave or the doors to fall off. Seriously. But, with one income, two (now three) kids, and all the overhauling, making it pretty has been a hassle. And damn hard. So, I vow to do it this year. Even if it takes all year. And my remaining sanity. God help us all.

Why am I telling you all of this? Well, because I'm looking for input, of course! Here's where you tell me your easiest and most inexpensive (aka cheap, people, cheap) decorating ideas. What's the best way to get a bang for a buck? And the easiest DIY stuff? Cause this is all new to us over here, and we want to do it right. But we also want to do it without sinking hundreds of dollars into every project.

So, pull out your best ideas, experiences and all that good stuff. Tell me your horror stories, your favorite products and what you did to make "the house" really become "our home." What made it cozy, functional, and fun? And does anyone know the best way to paint cabinets and paneling???

I'm off to clean out cupboards. As we progress, I'll post pics. And probably post a lot of blogs with some foul language. :)


jennifer h said...

I'm happy for you, that you get to decorate (we're in a rental right now, so my hands are tied).

I think paint is one of the most affordable and transforming changes. And, if you're at all good at sewing (even simple stuff), fabric can be a bargain if you spend a bit of time looking for a good deal. Pillows make me happy.

Can't wait to see pictures! Have fun...

we_be_toys said...

Girl...painting cabinets can be a serious chore! Be sure to prime with a good primer - it will take less paint in the long run. (Using a semi-gloss enamel on cabinets makes them washable too, versus the non-washable satin)

If painting is too much to do in a bedroom, you can also hang sheets from the crown molding or trim for a cheap and quick wall fix that covers plaster cracking in a jif!

Good luck to you - here's hoping the roof stays put for you!

Huckdoll said...

I totally agree on the paint. Do you have an Ikea around? Because you can usually pick up textiles, etc for really cheap...mix them with your current things and no one thinks they are from Ikea. Not that Ikea is bad or anything...

If you are crafty, ideas will come a lot easier.

*Sigh* I'm totally with you on the clutter and organization. I'm going to get my butt off the computer now and get to work...thank you :)

Anonymous said...

If you're painting paneling, use a thick nap on your roller. It's a pain in the rear!

Good luck with the remodeling. I'm about ready to tackle the yard so my house is going to have to wait. Can't wait to see pics!

Slow Panic said...

i wish you the best of luck. i need to do this at my house, but don't seem to have the gumption to get going!

Autumn LeBeau said...

I've heard painting paneling is a pain in the butt, but I cannot stand looking at this much longer!!

Thanks for mentioning the specific paint- I was wondering what I'd need for those cabinets. Washable is a must have!

100% NOT crafty here, and no Ikea around- which sucks because you can't buy a lot from their website. If I had my way, I'd go insane in Hobby Lobby, but that may get me killed. LOL

It does take a lot to get going with this stuff. I love the IDEA of doing this, but the actual DOING takes some encouraging. And caffeine. Lots of it!