Fun With Kitty Part 1: Tom

This is Tom. He is our oldest kitty, and he loves to lay on clothing. He also loves to "talk" to us, and attempt to steal our food. Especially pepperoni. He's pretty cranky with other animals- he has Only Cat Syndrome, meaning he thinks he should be an only cat. He also hates having his picture taken... see the disgust??

This is Tom, noticing I still have the camera. See the way he's pretending to attempt sleep, all the while really glaring at me???

Now, he has decided enough is enough, and he is simply going to take the camera away. He has no need of photos, or of being polite (which is probably why his nose is all scratched up). He was meowing as he did this, but I couldn't catch him with his mouth open. LOL And then he slapped the camera, and got pissed when I laughed at him. Which only makes it funnier.

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TheRamblingHousewife said...

Cats are such interesting creatures!