Fun With Kitty Part 2: Duncan

This is Duncan. He is our youngest, and the neediest cat I have ever seen. Ever. He is clingy, talkative and will latch onto you with claws and teeth if you attempt to remove yourself from his love. Yeah. But, he was passed out in a coma the other night, and it was too tempting.

This is Duncan with a rooster friend. Notice that even the poor toy looks disturbed.

This is too easy now. He didn't wake up. at all. So Jim just kept piling them on. I was laughing too hard to take the pictures.

Can you see him?

How about now?

Well, now it's all over. We have woken him, and angered him. And apparently driven him to drink. Not to mention smoke... just when we thought he'd kicked the habit...

Passed out in a drunken haze. **sigh** He had a hell of a hangover, too.


theramblinghousewife said...

So funny! Tell Duncan to lay off the bottle!! :)

jennifer h said...

You may just be the funniest person alive. That is awesome. Though maybe you started with the last one first, and got him all liquored up so you could do the rest? :-)

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we_be_toys said...

Poor kitty - all that piling on of the Beanies drove him to drinking and smoking!
He looks so much like our Scrawny Joe McAllister, its uncanny - I need to go do a headcount now!
Funny pictures!

we_be_toys said...

Poor kitty - piling on all those Beanies has drive him to drinking and smoking - there goes a couple of his nine lives!
Its uncanny how much he looks like our Scrawny Joe McAllister - now I have to go do a head count!
Really funny pictures!

Whiney Momma said...

OMG, the cutest thing... EVER! I love cats. Mine would never let me do such a thing. Just adorable.