Down With the System!

I’ve been thinking for awhile now that the system in the house doesn’t work very well. It’s been up in the air since the baby arrived, which is fairly normal when introducing a new member into an already scatter-brained crew. But this… this is absolutely driving me up the effing wall to the point of yanking my hair our and banging my head against any hard surface. That, perhaps, would result in unconsciousness. Which would result in maybe a little accidental sleep. And maybe that would clear the fog in my brain. Something has to, for God’s sake.

I think we’re all running on “E” right now, and only superior will, stubbornness and adrenaline are keeping me on my feet. Or my ass. Take your pick, really. But, we need a new system. One fully equipped with time management strategies for the Extremely Disorganized Procrastinators that we are, especially the Sleep Deprived variety we have become.

Right now there is barely time to pee, let alone have a lot of quality family time. Any ideas????

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